Water Quality Control Handbook 2nd Edition
Author: E. Roberts Alley, P.E.

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
DOI: 10.1036/0071467602

Capter 1. Introduction
Part I The Theory and Quantification of Water Pollution
Chapter 2. Sources of Water Pollution
Chapter 3. Pollutant Classification
Chapter 4. Water Quality

Part II Water Quality Management
Chapter 5. Environmental Management

Part III Water Pollution Regulations
Chapter 6. Regulatory Standards

Part IV Water Pollution Control
Chapter 7. Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Chapter 8. Physical Treatment
Chapter 9. Chemical Treatment
Chapter 10. Biological Treatment

Part V Residuals
Chapter 11. Residual Treatment

Part VI Treatment Summary
Chapter 12. Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Chapter 13. Pollutant Information

Part VII Appendices

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