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Thread: E-Z ECG Rhythm Interpretation

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    Thumbs up E-Z ECG Rhythm Interpretation

    E-Z ECG Rhythm Interpretation
    by Henry Geiter

    Pages: 384
    Publisher: F.A. Davis
    Edition: 2007
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0803610439


    Use analogies to make basic ECG concepts comprehensible and memorable for your students! The anatomy of the heart is like a house with rooms and doors. The intra-atrial and internodal pathways are like highways. Your students will absorb ECG interpretation like a sponge!This diverting, EZ-to-read approach, coupled with sound educational theory, encourages learning in students who are frustrated by the non-descriptive, formulaic writing found in most other textbooks. It's an alternative to the staid, jumpy approach found in other introductory ECG texts: Well written, and in a style that is lighthearted and entertaining A highly visual approach with illustrations and boxes that engage students Peppered with analogies that make learning fun "Building block" approach that progressively layers the content for students from simple to complex This is the book your students will use to understand the basic concepts of ECG, develop their ability to identify rhythms (especially life-threatening ones), and learn the appropriate response to patients with life-threatening rhythms.

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