Annelids in Modern Biology
by Daniel Shain

Pages: 397
Publisher: -
Edition: 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0470344217


Annelida is a diverse group of animals, commonly referred to as segmented worms and currently comprising around 14000 described species. Found in most marine and freshwater areas, annelids have also successfully occupied many subterranean habitats.
Annelids (segmented worms) are among the most ecologically diverse group of animals, occupying habitats ranging from hydrothermal vents at the ocean floor to glaciers in Alaska. Such diversity, coupled with a relatively simple body plan and broad experimental accessibility, makes them a subject of considerable scientific interest.
This book explores annelids as rich experimental subjects and demonstrates their utility as an experimental system across the biological sciences, including evolutionary development, neuroscience, and stem cell research. It covers:

  • Annelids as model systems in biology
  • Evolution and development
  • Neurobiology and regeneration
  • Environmental and ecological studies
  • Extreme environments and biological novelties

Annelids in Modern Biology is an indispensable resource for experimental biologists, graduate students, and researchers in evolutionary developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, neurobiology, stem cell genetics, and ecology and evolution.

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