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Thread: Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health 2012

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    Default Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health 2012

    Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health

    Edited by Narongsak Chaiyabutr,

    Edited by Narongsak Chaiyabutr,
    ISBN 978-953-51-0765-1,
    394 pages,
    Copyright 2012 InTech

    Book "Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health" is organized into three main sections, and is concerned with the animal nutrition, animal management and, breeding and animal health. This book permits the reader's exposure to the expert's experience and scientific style of interpreting and integrating available data into his own views. This book will be useful for students, researchers, teaching staff, practicing professionals connected with dairy science, animal science, food science, nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine and other related fields. Each chapter in this book has an extensive bibliography which can future aid the reader in keeping abreast of the developments in this field.


    Chapter 1 The Effect of Fatty Acids in Goat Milk on Health
    Chapter 2 Nutrition and Health of Dairy Animals
    Chapter 3 Vitamin-Like Supplementation in Dairy Ruminants: The Case of Choline
    Chapter 4 Effect of Rumen-Inert Fat Enriched with High Levels of Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids on the Productive and Reproductive Response in Ruminants
    Chapter 5 Fatty Acid Profile and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content of Milk from Confined Holstein Cows During the Summer and Winter Seasons
    Chapter 6 Factors That Affect Energy Efficiency and Indirect Response of Selection for Efficiency on Related Traits
    Chapter 7 Efficiency of Lactation
    Chapter 8 Effects of Environmental Factors on Milk Yield, Lactation Length and Dry Period in Tunisian Holstein Cows
    Chapter 9 Heat Stress Management for Milk Production in Arid Zones
    Chapter 10 The Course of Machine Milking in Small Ruminants
    Chapter 11 Water Salinity Under Heat Stress in Grazing Conditions
    Chapter 12 Milk Removal: The Key to Maintaining Milk Production and a Tool to Enhance Efficiency
    Chapter 13 Regulation of Mammary Development as It Relates to Changes in Milk Production Efficiency
    Chapter 14 Dairy Cattle Welfare Status Measured by Animal-Linked Parameters Under Tunisian Rearing Conditions
    Chapter 15 Alleviating Heat Stress Leads to Improved Cow Reproductive Performance
    Chapter 16 Managing Mastitis in Heifers: An Initial Step in Improving Dairy Herd Health
    Chapter 17 Bovine Mastitis Pathogens: Prevalence and Effects on Somatic Cell Count
    Chapter 18 Clostridial Spores in Animal Feeds and Milk

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