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Thread: Avian Influenza

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    Avian Influenza
    by David Swayne

    Pages: 628
    Publisher: -
    Edition: 2008
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0813820477


    Avian Influenza provides the first comprehensive guide covering the full spectrum of this complex and increasingly high-profile disease, its history and its treatment and control. All aspects of avian influenza are dealt with in depth, systematically covering biology, virology, diagnostics, ecology, epidemiology, clinical medicine, and the control. The book fuses coverage of the latest discoveries in the basic sciences with a practical approach to dealing with the disease in a clinical setting, and providing instruction and guidance for veterinarians and government animal health officials encountering this disease in the field.

    Avian Influenza provides the reader with a global perspective, bringing together chapters written by leading animal health researchers and veterinarians with significant experience working with this disease. Providing a summary and synthesis of important data and research on this virus, its impact on both wild and domesticated birds, and approaches to controlling the spread of the disease, Avian Influenza will be an invaluable resource for all veterinarians, scientists, animal health professionals, and public health officials dealing with this virus.

    * Covers full range of topics within avian influenza in one comprehensive and authoritative text

    * Provides a summarization of peer-reviewed and empirical data on avian influenza viruses, the infection and diseases they cause

    * Discusses strategies used in control of the disease

    * Leading experts are drawn together to provide an international and multi-disciplinary perspective

    * Fuses latest developments in basic scientific research with practical guidance on management of the disease.

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