Small Animal Cardiology - Auscultation
A Multimedia Guide to Cardiac Auscultation

by Dr. Jonathan Naylor, Dr. Anthony Carr and Dr. Ryan Walker,
University of Saskatchewan, Canada. 2001.
Hosted by Vetvisions.

Canine Auscultation

Components of a Stethoscope - Anatomy - The Apex Beat - Cardiac Auscultation - Basic Cardiac Function -
Audible Sounds Detected During Auscultation - The First and Second Heart Sounds - The Third and Fourth Heart Sounds - Other Normal Sounds - Arrhythmias - Classification - Normal Sinus Impulse Formation - Murmurs - The Most Common Murmurs Afflicting Dogs and Their Features - Problems ans Strategies for Murmurs Localization - Tricuspid Regurgitation - Stenosis - Terminology

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