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Thread: Snake ( RBs - Animal )

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    Snake ( RBs - Animal )
    by Drake Stutesman

    Pages: 218
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2005
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1861892390


    The snake is very much alive in today’s cultures. Soothe yourself with a Chinese rheumatic snake remedy, spice your virility with a swig of snake’s blood or boost your immune system with a snake’s gall bladder. Show off a fanged serpent tattoo. Walk through the annual Texas Rattlesnake Roundup and see thousands of trapped rattlers killed and turned into souvenirs. Listen to Australian Aboriginal warnings of languid pools guarded by giant water snakes. See women dancing with boa constrictors or pythons on the Internet or television or in clubs in Berlin, Manila and Las Vegas.
    These are all contemporary events, each with ancient roots, some obvious, some obscured. It’s strange that snakes mean so much yet it’s easy to see why. They are exotic: their patterns are beautiful, their movement sexual, their shape muscular and primitive, their dexterity awesome, their toxicity oddly tantalizing.
    Their colours range from flaming reds, oranges and yellows to vibrant greens, stark whites and muddy browns interspersed with black. Their markings are mesmerizing watery-shaped geometries in sharply coloured patterns of diamonds, bands, stripes, gradations and dots. The snake is so deep in the human subconscious, it is the world’s most symbolized animal and, from the Ice Age to the present, can be found in every walk of human life.

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