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Thread: Water Quality & Fish Health (Presenation)

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    Default Water Quality & Fish Health (Presenation)


    • Health condition of any animal deteriorates when the environmental condition is not congenial.
    • A simple example may be when the temperature started dropping during the onset of winter season, we face all the symptoms associated with cold and cough (e.g. sneezing, running nose occurs).
    • Good water quality is the key to successful fish/prawn production. Fish and prawn under normal condition is in a state of equilibrium with its environment and disease-producing organisms.
    • Any alteration in the environment disturbs this equilibrium resulting in stress to the fish/prawn and they become more vulnerable to disease producing organisms.
    • The presence of harmful impurities in water is mainly due to natural contamination or as a result of human activities polluting water may cause health problems to fish/prawn.
    • A number of abiotic factors beyond optimum levels are responsible for poor health of fish/prawn.

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