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Thread: [CD-ROM] WildPro - Wildlife: First Aid and Care

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    Thumbs up [CD-ROM] WildPro - Wildlife: First Aid and Care

    [CD-ROM] WildPro - Wildlife: First Aid and Care
    by Debra C. Bourne, Becki Lawson and Suzanne I. Boardman

    Source: CD-ROM
    Edition: 2004
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0954718518


    Wildlife Information network developed this Wildpro volume to assist anyone caring for casualty wildlife - veterinarians, veterinary nurses/technicians, rehabilitators and members of the public faced with a sick, injured or orphaned mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian.

    The core Casualty care flowchart considers all the aspects of wildlife care from initial assessment to release. The principles of each topic are discussed and techniques are described in detail for each species (e.g. badger) or species group (e.g. wading birds).

    The Assessment pages include initial triage, emergency first aid, detailed physical examination, common findings and important diseases. Hand-rearing covers everything from housing and hygiene to what, how often and how much to feed, weaning and potential problems. The Feeding pages provide suggestions for emergency rations as well as preferred food items, while the Accommodation pages cover transport containers, emergency facilities, hospitalisation and long-term housing.

    The important topic of Release covers assessment of release risks and benefits, the mechanics of release and post-release monitoring. For animals that cannot be released, Euthanasia discusses when this is appropriate and the methods that may be employed, while the Long Term Care page considers options available. Additional pages cover UK Legislation relevant to casualty wildlife and Record Keeping.

    The Species section describes the natural history of each species of UK mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian. The Directory of Organisations provides links to more than 100 organisations working with wildlife in the UK.

    The extensive Electronic Library offers important texts in full, such as:

    • "Problems with Badgers?", "Orphaned Foxes", "Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation" (RSPCA)
    • "Guidelines for Wildlife Rehabilitation Units" (British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council)
    • "Marine Mammal Medics Handbook" (British Divers Marine Life Rescue)
    • "British Mammal Factsheets" (The Mammal Society).

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