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Thread: Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction: A User's Manual and Trouble-Shooting Guide

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    Arrow Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction: A User's Manual and Trouble-Shooting Guide

    Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction: A User's Manual and Trouble-shooting Guide

    Michael J. Tucker, Georgia Reproductive, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Juergen Liebermann, Fertility Center of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    • Hardcover: 320 pages
    • Publisher:-- 1 edition (November 18, 2007)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0415408822
    • ISBN-13: 978-0415408820

    After 20 years of the first publication on vitrification as an ice crystal-free cryopreservation method for embryos, there is a chronic need for a book that addresses this cryopreservation technique in detail, outlining those techniques that result in success, and providing recommended means of overcoming the problems typically encountered.
    The book will supply a historical overview of the principles and development of vitrification techniques in animals and humans; the various consumables utilized for the vitrification of cells and tissue and suppliers thereof; and the vitrification and warming technique for oocytes, sperm, pronuclear stage embryos, cleavage stage embryos, blastocysts, ovarian tissue, and embryonic stem cells. Wherever applicable, the set-up including protocol, operation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the different protocols used for vitrifying various stages of cells and tissues will also be covered.


    • Vitrification: an overview
    • Basic Physics and Biophysics of Vitrification
    • Potential disadvantages & benefits of vitrification
    • Development of vitrification solutions
    • Vitrification in animal reproduction: vitrification of embryos using open pulled straws
    • Vitrification in animal reproduction: vitrification of embryos using conventional straws with ethylene glycol-based solutions
    • Vitrification of spermatozoa.
    • Potential developmental consequences of cryopreservation of mammalian oocytes
    • Vitirification of oocytes in general
    • Vitirification of oocytes: various procedures
    • Vitrification of Oocytes using Gold Grid and Slush Nitrogen
    • Vitrification of pronuclear stage embryos
    • Vitrification of cleavage stage embryos
    • Vitrification of blastocysts: using the Hemi-straw.
    • Vitrification of blastocysts: using the Cryoloop
    • Vitrification of blastocysts: using the EM grid
    • Vitrification of blastocysts: using the Cryotop
    • Vitrification of ovarian tissue
    • Vitrification of ovarian tissue: organ recovery systems
    • Vitrification of stem cells.

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