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Thread: [CD-ROM] A Guide to Snakes

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    Default [CD-ROM] A Guide to Snakes

    A Guide to Snakes CD-Rom
    by Michael Waters

    Edition: CD-ROM, 1999
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1575241340


    This work provides vets and veterinary technicians with a guide to the care and treatment of snakes. It gives advice through the use of text, graphics, photographs, videos and interactive case challenges.

    A Guide To Snakes is an interactive cd-rom that provides veterinarians and students with a comprehensive guide to the care and treatment of snakes. Provided throughout is systematic, clear, practical advice augmented with the use of a "reader friendly" text, graphics, photographs, video, and interactive case challenges. A Guide To Snakes is based on the collaborative efforts of Michael Waters (Royal Veterinary College Professor); Professor Peernel Zwart (BiblioZoo); and Professor Frederic Frye. Featured are the basics of snake biology and husbandry; procedures (examination, diagnostics, therapy, theatre); snake diseases (skin, viral, systemic, specific, and spectacular); and resources (Client Forms, Diseases, Formulary, Clinical Signs, Internet Resources). A Guide To Snakes is a project of the Learning Resources Development Unit at The Royal Veterinary College and a highly recommended acquisition for veterinary schools, zoos, researchers, breeders, and owners.

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    Default Re: A Guide to Snakes: CD-Rom

    A Guide to Snakes ( CD-Rom )
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