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Thread: Transboundary Fish Diseases in Southeast Asia

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    Default Transboundary Fish Diseases in Southeast Asia

    Proceedings of the Meeting on
    Current Status of Transboundary Fish Diseases in Southeast Asia:
    Occurrence, Surveillance, Research and Training
    Manila, Philippines
    23-24 June 2004


    Outbreaks of diseases attributed to microbial etiology are devastating to both cultured, and wild fish and shellfish populations. A good number of emerging diseases may trace their origin to the seemingly harmless introduction of an exotic fish or shellfish into the importing country. Unfortunately, the imported fish or shrimp eventually proved to be the vectors of a novel pathogen unknown to the indigenous and virgin fish population. The Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) and Koi Herpesvirus Disease (KHVD) in fish, as well as the White Spot Syndrome (WSS) and Taura Syndrome (TS) in shrimp, are salient examples of fish and shellfish infections that had moved from country to country and even between continents. Hence, this meeting on "Transboundary Diseases in Southeast Asia: Occurrence, Surveillance, Research and Training" is highly relevant in creating and emphasizing awareness among Southeast Asian countries on the implications of the movement of fish pathogens in aquaculture. It is a proactive step towards vigilance against the transmission of the infectious organisms among economically-important aquatic animals. Focus on the positive. This complements our goal to increase food production and to sustain food security for the teeming world population.

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