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Thread: VIDEOS of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures, 2nd Edition

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    Cool VIDEOS of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures, 2nd Edition

    Videos (UPDATE LINKS 28/09/2015)

    Chapter 1

    • Arterial Catheterization
    • Central venous catheter placement jugular
    • Central venous catheter placement lateralsaphenous
    • Central venous catheter placement medialsaphenous
    • Intraosseous catheterization_1
    • Intraosseous catheterization_2
    • Over-the-wire catheter_seldinger
    • Peripheral catheterization
    • Vascular cutdown

    Chapter 2

    • Basic esophagostomy tube
    • Esophagostomy tube complication

    Chapter 3

    • Local anesthetic blocks for rib fractures or flail chest
    • Thoracocentesis
    • Thoracostomy tube placement

    Chapter 4

    • Airway pressure therapy
    • Tracheostomy tube placement
    • Transoral wash
    • Transthoracic aspirate

    Chapter 5

    • Urethral catheterization_femalecat

    Chapter 6

    • Abdominal drainage catheter
    • Abdominocentesis

    Chapter 7

    • Pericardiocentesis

    Chapter 8

    • Central venous pressure


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