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Thread: Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management

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    Default Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management

    Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management
    Howard Voren, Rick Jordan

    Publisher: Silvio Mattacchione, 1992
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1895270103
    ISBN-13: 978-1895270105
    202 pages

    The sequel to Rick Jordan's extremely successful Parrot Incubation Procedures, Rick Jordan and Howard Voren have combined their talents to produce the most comprehensive guide to handfeeding ever. Eleven chapters provide detailed, first-hand knowledge of everything you will ever need to successfully raise baby parrots, including handfeeding formulas, feeding instruments and techniques, weight monitoring, maintenance of nestlings and the nursery, potential health problems, medical procedures, weaning, and much more.

    Here are the chapter headings:
    1: Managing the Nursery
    2: Maintenance of Nestlings (Brooding)
    3: Formulas
    4: Feeding Instruments and Methods
    5: Feeding
    6: Weight Monitoring
    7: Non-Dietary Factors That Control Weight Gain
    8: Potential Health Problems in the Nursery
    9: Non-Pathogenic Death
    10: Medical Procedures for the Aviculturist
    11: Weaning
    Each chapter is packed with critical information and well documented with excellent photographs from experienced aviculturists Voren and Jordan.

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