Behavior and It's Neural Control in Gastropod Molluscs
by Ronald Chase

Pages: 335
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 2002
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0195113144


This book is about the adaptive behaviors and the efficient brains of snails and slugs. Unfortunately, too many people think that the behavior of slugs is only sluggish, and that snails have no brains at all. In fact, gastropod molluscs are as interesting as any other animal, and we have a detailed understanding of how their brains work. During the past quarter century, there has been a tremendous increase in our knowledge about gastropods, their behavior and their neurobiology. This book is intended to review and celebrate that accomplishment.
It is the possibility of gaining detailed knowledge of both behavior and the nervous system that makes gastropod molluscs such attractive animals for biological investigation. Each subject, behavior and the nervous system, can be advantageously studied in gastropods. The behavior of gastropods, for example, is intermediate in complexity compared to other animals. It is neither as complex as the behavior of mammals and insects, nor as simple as the behavior of worms and echinoderms. Also, it has the added feature of being slow, which can sometimes be convenient for the scientist.

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