Animal Communication
(Animal Behavior)
by S. Tomecek

Pages: 105
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1604130911


Communication is a major part of our daily lives. When we pick up the phone to order a pizza, we’re communicating.
When we text message or e-mail a friend, we’re communicating. Even when we yell at family members or cheer on our favorite sports team, we’re communicating. In fact, humans do so much communicating, they usually take it for granted. The truth of the matter is that without communication, our lives would be very difficult.
In simple terms, communication is the act of passing or sharing information between individuals. Because we live in a complex society, we depend on communication to help our lives run more smoothly.
The act of communicating is not just a human trait. From insects and birds to fish and mammals, most animals use some type of communication to help them get food, find a mate, and protect their territory. "Animal Communication" explores the many different ways in which animals communicate and examines some of the latest scientific discoveries involving animal intelligence and communication. Readers will also learn how scientists are working to make the dream of communicating directly with animals a reality.

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