Endangered Desert Animals
by Dave Taylor

Pages: 49
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 1992
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0785710028


Dave Taylor's exciting Endangered Animals Series explains why some species have become extinct and what is being done to protect the animals currently threatened. Divided by habitat, each book features approximately ten animals describing:
-- their behavior
-- how they live
-- how they have adapted to their climate
-- why various habitats are essential to the earth
-- why the destruction of these ecosystems is so disastrous to the wildlife that inhabit them
As desert areas are being swallowed up by resorts, industrial cities, and oil towns, desert animals are losing the vegetation that once fed and sheltered them. Animals include:
-- Bactrian camel
-- dromedary
-- Gila monster
-- scimitar-horned oryx
-- addax
-- Przewalski's horse
-- desert bighorn sheep
-- desert cats.

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