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Thread: David Attenborough's Africa - Kalahari

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    Thumbs up David Attenborough's Africa - Kalahari

    David Attenborough's Africa - Kalahari - Savannah - Congo - Cape - Sahara - Future
    by B*C

    Source: .avi DivX HD
    Edition: 2013
    Language: English
    Running Time: 55:00 min


    The adventure gets underway in the Kalahari, Africa's ancient southwest corner, where a couple of extraordinary deserts sit side by side and even the most familiar of its creatures have developed different survival techniques.
    David Attenborough's Africa as a set of new documentary and beauty, recently in 2013 has been made., David Attenborough one of the largest broadcasters and producers of documentaries, more than 50 years in the industry activity , and beholden to him for his documentary film work as innumerable. Different parts of this series, we went to different places where animals and the environment, survival skills and techniques as well as these animals will be familiar with the nature of evolution in Africa.
    Astonishing! Overwhelming!

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