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Thread: The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals

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    Arrow The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals

    Edited by Janet Leonard and Alex Cordoba-Aguilar

    • Hardcover: 552 pages
    • Publisher: -- (July 19, 2010)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0195325559
    • ISBN-13: 978-0195325553

    Primary sexual traits, those structures and processes directly involved in reproduction, are some of the most diverse, specialized, and bizarre in the animal kingdom. Moreover, reproductive traits are often species-specific, suggesting that they evolved very rapidly. This diversity, long the province of taxonomists, has recently attracted broader interest from evolutionary biologists, especially those interested in sexual selection and the evolution of reproductive strategies.

    Primary sexual characters were long assumed to be the product of natural selection, exclusively. A recent alternative suggests that sexual selection explains much of the diversity of "primary" sexual characters. A third approach to the evolution of reproductive interactions after copulation or insemination has been to consider the process one of sexual conflict. That is, the reproductive processes of a species may reflect, as does the mating system, evolution acting on males and on females, but in different directions.

    In this volume, authors explore a wide variety of primary sexual characters and selective pressures that have shaped them, from natural selection for offspring survival to species-isolating mechanisms, sperm competition, cryptic female choice and sexual arms races. Exploring diverse reproductive adaptations from a theoretical and practical perspective, The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters will provide an unparalleled overview of sexual diversity in many taxa and an introduction to the issues in sexual selection that are changing our view of sexual processes.


    • The first multi-author treatment of primary sexual characters and the role of natural vs. sexual selection in their evolution
    • Offers a theoretical and empirical analysis of genitalic evolution
    • Comprises chapters on new theoretical perspectives as well as sections on primary sexual characters of specific taxa

    Table of Contents

    List of Contributors

    Chapter 1
    Introduction: Celebrating and Understanding Reproductive Diversity


    Chapter 2
    The Distinction between Primary and Secondary Sexual Characters

    Chapter 3
    The Evolution of Sexes, Gametes, and Sexual Systems: Natural vs. Sexual Selection

    Chapter 4
    Rapid Divergent Evolution of Genitalia: Theory and Data Updated

    Chapter 5
    Killing Time: A Mechanism of Sexual Conflict and Sexual Selection


    Chapter 6
    Gamete Release and Spawning Behavior in Broadcast Spawning Marine Invertebrates

    Chapter 7
    Prosobranchs with Internal Fertilization

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9
    Basommatophoran Gastropods

    Chapter 10
    Stylommatophoran Gastropods

    Chapter 11
    An Ancient Indirect Sex Model: Single and Mixed Patterns in the Evolution of Scorpion Genitalia

    Chapter 12
    Spider Genitalia: Precise Maneuvers with a Numb Structure in a Complex Lock

    Chapter 13
    Genitalic Evolution in Opiliones

    Chapter 14
    The Evolution of Male and Female Internal Reproductive Organs in Insects

    Chapter 15
    Selective Forces Propelling Genitalic Evolution in Odonata

    Chapter 16
    Postcopulatory Sexual Selection in the Coleoptera: Mechanisms and Consequences

    Chapter 17
    Fertilization Mode, Sperm Competition, and Cryptic Female Choice Shape: Primary Sexual Characters in Fish

    Chapter 18
    Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Amphibians.

    Chapter 19
    Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Reptiles

    Chapter 20
    Sexual Conflict and the Intromittent Organs of Male Birds

    Chapter 21
    Genitalic Traits of Mammals: Systematics and Variation

    Chapter 22
    The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals: A Summary


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