New Perspective in the Study of Mesoamerican Primates
Distribution, Ecology, Behavior and Conservation
by Alejandro Estrada and Paul Garber

Pages: 598
Edition: 1st., 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0387258546


Despite many decades of research, documentation is still needed concerning the ecology, diet, social behavior, reproductive biology, and ecological impact of the Mesoamerican primate taxa, and how factors such as deforestation, human disturbance, and habitat change have affected the current distribution, demography, genetic variability, and conservation status of populations in the region. Mesoamerican primates are an integral cultural component of the natural patrimony of all countries in the region. The investigation of their biology, behavior, ecology, and conservation is a fundamental aspect of research providing information for sustaining the biodiversity of the region, the natural history of neotropical primates, their role in forest ecology as seed dispersers, seed predators, pollinators, and agents of forest regeneration, and on the evolution of the Order Primates.
The goal of this volume is to present a comprehensive overview of the most recent advances in primate field research, ecology, and conservation biology in Mesoamerica. This includes information on taxonomy and the historical biogeographyof primate origins in Mesoamerica, demographic and population trends from new and long-term field studies, data on feeding ecology, ranging behavior, cognition, and behavioral plasticity, and the effects of habitat disturbance (natural and human induced) on population viability. Chapters are designed to integrate newly collected field data with theoretical perspectives drawn from evolutionary biology, socioecology, biological anthropology, cognitive ecology, and conservation.

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