A Guide to the Dissect of the Dog
by Orlando Bradley

Pages: 258
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 1912. Digitalized Reprint, 2008-2012.
Language: English
ISBN: 978-004745204


During recent years the feeling that there was room for a book in English dealing with the anatomy of the dog has been steadily gaining ground. Doubtless, in the opinion of many, the gap can be adequately filled only by a systematic treatise similar to the classic ' Anatomic des Hundes : of Ellenberger and Baum.
Until some such work makes its appearance, perhaps the present publication may serve as a temporary means of supplying the deficiency.
For several reasons it was decided to introduce the subject of canine anatomy to the English reader in the form of short notes planned to aid him in his desire to obtain first-hand knowledge by dissection. Herein are given directions which experience has shown will help the student to display the various organs and structures in an orderly and profitable manner. The descriptions which follow are purposely given in the briefest possible form, in order that the dissection of the whole animal may be accomplished within a reasonable length of time.

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