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Thread: Анатомия лошади. 3 тома.

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    Default Анатомия лошади. 3 тома.

    Анатомия лошади (Атлас учебник в 3-х томах), 2007
    Зеленевский Н.В. -
    Anatomy of the Horse. Atlas and Textbook.
    by Zelenevskaya NV

    Pages: 712 (all 3 volumens)
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2007
    Language: Russian
    ISBN: 978-5989760015


    Atlas tutorial Zelenevskaya NV, doctor of veterinary science, Professor consists of 12 sections, which provide the necessary data for the study of the anatomy of the horse in high school, as well as their own. The book has complete information on the osteology, syndesmology, epidemiology, dermatology, splanhnologii, angiology, neurology, and senses the horse. Special attention in the atlas-textbook deserve more than 500 color pictures.

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