Респираторные болезни лошадей.
Respiratory Disease of Horses.

by David Ramey

Pages: 112
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 2008
Language: Russian
ISBN: 978-5984359696


This guide gives an overview of the respiratory system horses, introducing the reader to the anatomy of the respiratory tract of horses and discussing the most recent and widely used methods of diagnosis and treatment. Selected essays devoted to the discussion of problems arising in the upper and lower respiratory tract as well as the four most common diseases: pleuropneumonia, streptococcal infection, emphysema and pulmonary hemorrhage. The book examines the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis is discussed further career horses recover from these diseases. The information provided in this guide, you need to understand, even a layman, how and why the incidence of respiratory disease, which provides the reader with the opportunity to reasonably and objectively discuss potential problems with specialist veterinarians. In the book, the reader's attention is focused heavily on the proper care and maintenance conditions, which are the main weapon in the prevention of any disease. These tips on preventive measures to help owners realize the practices of content, which may negate the possibility respiratory disease of horses. "Your horse, - the author - deserves better."

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