Лошади. Horses.
by Paul Sterry

Pages: 81
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 1998
Language: Russian
ISBN: 978-9854070212


The book "Horses" - a popular, colorful edition.
The value of the horse in the development of human society, it is difficult to overestimate. Being domesticated, she played an important role in transport and war. Although at present the relationship between man and horse have changed, it still remains a favorite animal, most of the world.
In addition to the rich information material about the origin and history of the horse, the book presents many lovely pictures of horse breeds, including purebred horses Chetvertmilnyh (kvoterhorsy), Mustangs, Shetland pony, Andalusian horses, Connemara Pony.
The book tells how the ancient and modern breeds of horses and explains the oldest and most stable breeding lines which breed the best to work with, and which are for the race, why in the world have so little wild horses which new species have recently emerged.
As one of the most popular in a large series of books about animals "Animal World", this book is about the horses - a tribute to one of the most noble creatures on earth.

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