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Thread: Origins of Inbred Mice

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    Default Origins of Inbred Mice

    Origins of Inbred Mice
    (Classical Mouse Pathology Books Online--book 5)
    Authors: Herbert C. Morse III

    Pages: 719
    Publication Date:1978
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0125078501
    The inbred laboratory mouse has become an indispensable tool in numerous areas of biological and medical research. Many fields of investigation either had their origin or altered their direction in response to the availability of this remarkable creature. Our current realization of the potential of the inbred mouse has developed over a period of more than 70 years and reflects the dedicated research of many skilled and imaginative scientists. Perhaps because of the protracted period of time over which the utility of these mice became increasingly apparent and the attention given to striking developments arising from studies of recent investigators, the scientific community has never chosen to recognize the fundamental contributions made by the pioneering men and women responsible for the development of inbred strains, their worldwide distribution, and the early demonstrations of their potential for use in biomedical research.
    The basic science areas considered in this publication touch upon a wide spectrum of disciplines including cancer research, immunology, biochemistry, hematology, pharmacology, virology, cytogenetics, theoretical and applied genetics, and zoology. It was clearly impossible to cover all fields of investigation in which the inbred mouse plays a major role, but this sampling of these fields provides a cross section of scientific endeavors which are rarely included in a single program or volume. This format provided some unique opportunities for cross-fertilization among scientists involved in highly divergent fields of research and will give the reader of this text a taste of some of the more recent and intriguing developments in murine biology.
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    One of the problems with learning about pathological features in laboratory mice is accessing the older literature, particularly textbooks. This is difficult given that many of these valuable resources are out of print. Here is the fifth one reproduced as free online HTML version.
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