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Thread: Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook

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    Default Re: Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook

    Frogs A Wildlife Handbook
    (Long, Kim. Johnson Nature Series.)
    by Kim Long

    • Pages: 182 pages
    • Publisher:
    • Edition: 1st., May 1999
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1555662269
    • ISBN-13: 978-1555662264


    Frogs are some of the most common animals in North American ecosystems. Seen and heard in a wide variety of watery environments, their calls can evoke a sense of wilderness even in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. A combination field guide, fact book, and folklore collection, "Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook" is a unique and practical guide to these amazing creatures. Fully illustrated, this comprehensive work examines their behavior, biology, and the characteristics of individual species, providing an accurate, informative portrait of frogs in their natural surroundings. Topics covered include full-color identification of all 66 species with permanent breeding status in North America, including treefrogs, chorus frogs, and exotic species introduced from other areas. Other topics include anatomy, favorite foods, reproduction, advertisement calls, feeding habits, preferred habitats, predations, natural range, vision, hearing, and locomotion.
    No study of frogs should be complete without a look at their relationship to human cultures throughout history. Around the world, people have worshiped them, hunted them for food, cultivated superstitions about them, and used them in magic rituals. A special emphasis is placed on the native cultures of North America. As a practical resource for both the backyard and the field, "Frogs" will appeal to wildlife lovers, educators, and students fascinated with the mystery of these magnificent amphibians.

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