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Thread: Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals

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    Thumbs up Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals

    Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals
    by IL*SI


    Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals, the series is designed to facilitate communication among those involved in the safety testing of foods, drugs, and chemicals. The complete set covers cardiovascular/ musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, genital, hemopoietic, nervous, respiratory and urinary systems, eye and ear, integument and mammary glands, and nonhuman primates.
    The series is intended for use by pathologists, toxicologists, and others concerned with evaluating toxicity and carcinogenicity studies. ILSI is committed to supporting programs to harmonize toxicologic testing, to advance a more uniform interpretation of bioassay results worldwide, to promote a common understanding of lesion classifications, and to encourage wide discussion of these topics among scientists. Scientific understanding and cooperation will be improved

    The following volumes have appeared so far:

    Endocrine System
    1983.346 figures. XV, 366 pages. ISBN 3-540-11677-X
    Respiratory System
    1985.279 figures. XV, 240 pages. ISBN 3-540-13521-9
    Digestive System
    1985.352 figures. XVIII, 386 pages. ISBN 3-540-15815-4
    Urinary System
    1986.362 figures. XVIII, 405 pages. ISBN 3-540-16591-6
    Genital System
    1987.340 figures. XVII, 304 pages. ISBN 3-540-17604-7
    Integument and Mammary Glands
    1989.468 figures. XI, 347 pages. ISBN 3-540-51025-7
    Hemopoietic System
    1990.351 figures. XVIII, 336 pages. ISBN 3-540-52212-3
    Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Systems
    1991. 390 figures. XVII, 312 pages. ISBN 3-540-53876-3
    Eye and Ear
    1991. 141 figures. XIII, 170 pages. ISBN 3-540-54044-X
    Nonhuman Primates I
    1993. 235 figures. XIII, 221 pages. ISBN 3-540-56465-9 / 0-944398-15-4
    Nonhuman Primates II
    1993. 264 figures. XVI, 248 pages. ISBN 3-540-56527-2 / 0-944398-16-2

    2nd. Editions to Follow:

    Endocrine System
    1996.521 figures. XVIII, 521 pages. ISBN 3-540-59477-9 / 0-944398-64-2
    Respiratory System
    1996.382 figures. XV, 357 pages. ISBN 3-540-60383-2 / 0-944398-69-3
    Urinary System
    1997. 360 figur~s. Approx. 450 pages. ISBN 3-540-61847-3 / 0-944398-76-6
    Digestive System
    1997. 394 figures. 464 pages. ISBN 978-3-642-64421-4
    / 3-642-60473-7

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