Fundamentos de Inmunologa Bsica
by Ivan Palomo G, Arturo Ferreira V.

Pages: 811
Publisher: Universidad de Talca
Edition: ?, 2009
Language: Spanish (Espaol)
ISBN: 978-956-7059-86-7

It is a book covering the "Universidad de Talca", The book contains information on: Introduction to immunology. History of Immunology. Cells and organs of the immune system. Innate Immunity. Specificity of the immune response. Lymphocyte receptor. Major histocompatibility complex. Antigen presentation. Activation of lymphocytes. Cytokines. Adhesion receptors. Ontogeny. Regulation of the immune response. Neuroimmunology. Mucosal immunity. Immunology of reproduction. Complement system. Cell-mediated immunity. IgE mediated immune response. Hypersensitivity. Anaphylaxis. Autoimmunity. Rheumatic diseases. Antiphospholipid syndrome. Immune cytopenias. Monoclonal gammopathies. Oral Diseases of immune origin. Other immune-mediated diseases. Primary Immunodeficiencies. Secondary immunodeficiencies. Immunity against bacteria. Immunity against fungi. Immune response to virus. Immunity against parasites. Vaccines. Mechanisms of antitumor immunity. Immunological mechanisms of allograft rejection. Immunomodulators. Immunochemical methods. Methods of study of cellular immunity. Laboratory of histocompatibility and organ transplantation. Flow Cytometry. Monoclonal antibodies. Fundamental methods of molecular biology. Antigenic differentiation groups.

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