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Thread: Food Microbiology Fundamentals and Frontiers

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    Thumbs up Food Microbiology Fundamentals and Frontiers

    Food Microbiology Fundamentals and Frontiers
    by Michael Doyle and Larry Beuchat

    Pages: 1066
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 3rd., 2007
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1555814076


    The fi eld of food microbiology is among the most diverse of the areas of study within the discipline of microbiology. Its scope encompasses a wide variety of microorganisms including spoilage, probiotic, fermentative, and pathogenic bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, prions, and parasites; a diverse composition of foods and beverages; a broad spectrum of environmental factors that influence microbial survival and growth; and a multitude of research approaches that range from very applied studies of survival and growth of foodborne microorganisms to basic studies of the mechanisms of pathogenicity of disease-causing, foodborne microorganisms.

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