Food Safety The Science of Keeping Food Safe
by Ian Shaw

Pages: 450
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1444337228


My book takes a trip through the world of food safety, from microbiological food pathogens, through chemical contaminants, natural toxins and the chemicals we use to colour, preserve and flavour our food. It grapples with the
esoteric prion that causes Mad Cow disease which led to the collapse of the UK beef industry and prevents me as a Brit living in New Zealand from donating blood because of the perceived risk of transferring the prion to my fellow New Zealanders. It uncovers the controversy of Ďorganicí food and food irradiation. Finally, it looks at the laws that are used to make sure that when we eat our dinner or buy a snack on the street we donít contract a food-borne illness or expose ourselves to chemicals that might compromise our health in the future. This is a long journey flavoured with many examples from around the world; I hope you enjoy it!
Professor Ian C. Shaw

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