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Thread: Dogs All-In-One For D*mmies

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    Thumbs up Dogs All-In-One For D*mmies

    Dogs All in One For D*mmies
    by Eve Adamson, Sara Hodgson, Stanley Coren.

    Pages: 707
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2010
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0470529782


    Welcome to Dogs All-in-One For Dummies! This book is just what the title implies: a soup-to-nuts reference on all things dog. Dog health, dog training — not to mention dog gear, dog grooming, dog breeds and breeding, even dog sports. Whether you’re looking to adopt a dog, trying to improve your relationship with one you have, or trying to come up with fun things to do with your furry pal, this book contains something for you.

    Dogs have always had jobs to do. Whether it was herding other animals, helping hunters and fishermen earn their living, going to war, protecting royalty, keeping communities rodent free, or pulling sleds, dogs have earned their place in history and in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. Thousands of years of breeding to do those different kinds of work have shaped the sometimes wildly different bodies and personalities of hundreds of breeds.
    They’ve come a long way from their gray wolf ancestors, who were attracted to campfires and hoping for a handout.


    • Adopting a Pet For D*mmies
    • Breeding Dogs For D*mmies
    • Choosing a Dog For D*mmies
    • Dog Grooming For D*mmies
    • Dog Health & Nutrition For D*mmies
    • Dogs For D*mmies, 2nd Edition
    • Dog Training For D*mmies, 2nd Edition
    • Dog Tricks & Agility For D*mmies, 2nd Edition
    • Housetraining For D*mmies, 2nd Edition
    • Mixed Breeds For D*mmies
    • Puppies For D*mmies, 2nd Edition
    • Understanding Your Dog For D*mmies

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    BUT You DONOT have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
    Please Register to see contents.

    Special Gift! Enjoy!
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