Advances in marine biology volume 17
Edited by J.H.S. Blaxter, Frederick S. Russell and Maurice Yonge

ISBN: 978-0-12-026117-8
521 pages
Publisher: Academic Press
EditionFebruary 11, 1980)
Language: English

Ecology and Taxonomy of Halimeda: Primary Producer of Coral Reefs Original Research Article
Pages 1-327

The Influence of Temperature on the Maintenance of Metabolic Energy Balance in Marine Invertebrates Original Research Article
Pages 329-396

A History of Migratory Salmon Acclimatization Experiments in Parts of the Southern Hemisphere and the Possible Effects of Oceanic Currents and Gyres Upon Their Outcome Original Research Article
Pages 397-466

Taxonomic Index
Pages 467-472

Subject Index
Pages 473-507

Cumulative Index of Titles
Pages 509-510

Cumulative Index of Authors
Page 511

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