Advances in marine biology volume 32 (The Biogeography of the Oceans)
Edited by J.H.S. Blaxter, A.J. Southward, A.V. Gebruk, E.C. Southward and P.A. Tyler

ISBN: 978-0-12-026132-1
598 pages
Publisher: Academic Press;
Edition: 1 edition (November 12, 1997)
Language: English


Some Problems of Vertical Distribution of Meso- and Macroplankton in the Ocean Original Research Article
Pages 1-92

Ecology and Biogeography of the Hydrothermal Vent Fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Original Research Article
Pages 93-144

Biology of the Nazca and Sala y G˛mez Submarine Ridges, an Outpost of the Indo-West Pacific Fauna in the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Composition and Distribution of the Fauna, its Communities and History Original Research Article
Pages 145-242

Gonatid Squids in the Subarctic North Pacific Ecology, Biogeography, Niche Diversity and Role in the Ecosystem Original Research Article
Pages 243-324

Zoogeography of the Abyssal and Hadal Zones Original Research Article
Pages 325-387

Biogeography of the Bathyal Zone Original Research Article
Pages 389-426

Trophic Structure of Abyssal Macrobenthos Original Research Article
Pages 427-525

An Outline of the Geographical Distribution of Oceanic Phytoplankton Original Research Article
Pages 527-563

Taxonomic Index
Pages 565-582

Subject Index
Pages 583-587

Cumulative Index of Titles
Pages 589-593

Cumulative Index of Authors
Pages 595-596

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