Equine Industry - Monitor Horse Health - Apply Principles of Basic Anatomy and Physiology to Horses
by Mildura Senior College


From Mildura Senior College a webpage with modules on Equine Industry, each section has videos, related pdfs and website links as references.

- Carry Out Regular Horse Observation/
- Monitor Horse Health

* Care of the Horse's Feet
* Recognising Horse's State of Health
* Bandaging, Poulticing, Hot & Cold Therapy
* Injections & Drugs
* Dental Care
* Medications & Quarantine
* Horses with Injuries
* Non-Injury-Related Health Problems

- Apply Princples of Anatomy and Physiology to Horses

* Common Conformation Characteristics
* Skeletal & Circulatory
* Muscular, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous and Reproductive Systems
* Extension Notes

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