Aggressive Dog Causes and Solutions
by Charles Heflin

Pages: 57
Publisher: --
Edition: 2005
Language: English
ISBN: --


It’s never been as common as now—the fact that dogs are attacking people, causing horrific injuries that sometimes lead to death.
There are three undeniable facts that pertain to dogs:
First, that nearly all dogs have an inherent protective instinct;
Second, that though each dog is born with a definite temperament, it can be changed and molded by training and environment;
Third, dog and master develop a strong bond very soon into their relationship
which goes on to give the dog a sixth sense – one that includes knowing his master’s likes and dislikes.

This is why calm and mild tempered people have dogs of a similar nature while nervous and bad tempered people have dogs that mirror their personalities. In fact, a dog can also pick up a pet owner’s prejudices against race or class. Like us, dogs too can err. Sometimes, they
misinterpret an action or fail to recognize a person and attack him out of the blue.

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