Wildlife-Habitat Relationships.
Concepts and Applications
by Michael Morrison

Pages: 521
Publisher: --
Edition: 3rd., 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1597260959


Wildlife conservation should not be viewed as a pastime of the rich but as a plan for the future for us all. A new vision for a near future in which we truly provide for sustainable resources, provide for ecosystem integrity, and foster the health of our biosphere, likely will demand the courage to seek and accept changes in our daily resource use habits and even to shift the very centers of what we value and how we value what we use.We can employ such positive visions, and successes like the ones cited above, as hallmarks and templates to help further such a future. It is not wildlife versus humanity, jobs versus owls, today’s food versus tomorrow’s inviolate protected area that will foster participation
for a sustainable future. Nor will a sustainable future be reached along a gap between the academically educated and the lay public. Only by opening our minds and hearts and all becoming students can we move there together.

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