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Thread: Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish Populations (Fish and Fisheries series 21)

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    Default Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish Populations (Fish and Fisheries series 21)

    Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish Populations
    (Fish and Fisheries series 21)
    Edited by R. Christopher Chambers, Edward A. Trippel (eds.)

    Publisher: ---
    Language: English
    Pages: 615
    ISBN: 978-94-010-7144-4, 978-94-009-1439-1


    Many of the processes influencing recruitment to an adult fish population or entry into a fishery occur very early in life. The variations in life histories and behaviours of young fish and the selective processes operating on this variation ultimately determine the identities and abundance of survivors.
    This important volume brings together contributions from many of the world's leading researchers from the field of fish ecology. The book focuses on three major themes of pressing importance in the analysis of the role that the early life history of fishes plays in the number and quality of recruits: the selective processes at play in their early life history; the contributions of early life history to the understanding of recruitment.


    Front Matter....Pages i-xxxii
    Prologue. Recruitment in fish populations: the paradigm shift generated by ICES Committee A....Pages 1-27
    Front Matter....Pages 29-30
    Effects of adult age and size structure on reproductive output in marine fishes....Pages 31-62
    Environmental influences on egg and propagule sizes in marine fishes....Pages 63-102
    Regulation of energy acquisition and allocation to respiration, growth and reproduction: simulation model and example using rainbow trout....Pages 103-137
    Life history responses to environmental variability in early life....Pages 139-168
    Front Matter....Pages 169-172
    Patterns and consequences of selective processes in teleost early life histories....Pages 173-196
    The use of field studies to investigate selective processes in fish early life history....Pages 197-223
    Ontogeny, growth and the recruitment process....Pages 225-249
    Ontogeny of cannibalism in larval and juvenile fishes with special emphasis on Atlantic cod....Pages 251-278
    Size-selective predation on juvenile North Sea flatfish and possible implications for recruitment....Pages 279-303
    Natural selection and the evolution of growth rate in the early life history: what are the trade-offs?....Pages 305-332
    Predation on juvenile fishes: dynamic interactions between size-structured predators and prey....Pages 333-356
    Size-based foraging success and vulnerability to predation: selection of survivors in individual-based models of larval fish populations....Pages 357-386
    Front Matter....Pages 387-389
    Compensatory responses to decreased young-of-the-year survival: an individual-based modelling analysis of winter flounder....Pages 391-422
    Relationships between early life history traits and recruitment among coral reef fishes....Pages 423-449
    Recruitment variation in fish populations assessed using meta-analysis....Pages 451-467
    Interannual variability in stage-specific survival rates and the causes of recruitment variation....Pages 469-493
    The utility of early life history studies and the challenges of recruitment prediction....Pages 495-512
    Front Matter....Pages 513-513
    Early life history and recruitment: legacy and challenges....Pages 515-549
    Epilogue. The Three Cavaliers: a discussion from the golden age of Norwegian marine research ....Pages 551-565
    Back Matter....Pages 567-596

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