On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations (Fish and Fisheries series 11)
by Raymond J. H. Beverton, Sidney J. Holt

Publisher: --
Edition: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 538 p.
ISBN: 978-94-010-4934-4, 978-94-011-2106-4

Front Matter....Pages i-20
Introduction Theoretical Methods in the Study of Fishery Dynamics....Pages 21-26
The Basis of a Theoretical Model of an Exploited Fish Population and the Definition of the Primary Factors....Pages 26-27
Mathematical Representation of the Four Primary Factors....Pages 27-35
A Simple Model Giving the Annual Yield in Weight from a Fishery in a Steady State....Pages 35-38
Adaptation of the Simple Model to Give Other Characteristics of the Catch and Population....Pages 39-42
Recruitment and Egg-Production....Pages 44-67
Natural Mortality....Pages 67-75
Fishing Mortality and Effort....Pages 75-96
Growth and Feeding....Pages 96-135
Spatial Variation in the Values of Parameters: Movement of Fish Within the Exploited Area....Pages 135-164
Mixed Populations—the Analysis of Community Dynamics....Pages 164-170
Relative Fishing Power of Vessels and Standardisation of Commercial Statistics of Fishing Effort....Pages 172-178
Estimation of the Total Mortality Coefficient (F + M), and the Maximum Age, t ? ....Pages 178-183
Separate Estimation of Fishing and Natural Mortality Coefficients....Pages 183-244
Recruitment and Egg-Production....Pages 244-279
Growth and Feeding....Pages 279-307
Application of Population Models of Part I....Pages 309-330
Application of Population Models of Part II....Pages 330-370
Principles and Methods of Fishery Regulation....Pages 370-418
Requirements for the Regulation of the North Sea Demersal Fisheries....Pages 419-436
Back Matter....Pages 437-538

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