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Thread: Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms

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    Cool Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms

    Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms: National Standard
    Canadian Inspection Food Agency

    Pages: 57
    Publisher: --
    Edition: CFIA P0836-13, 2013
    Serie: Catalogue No.: A104-106/2013E
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1100216386


    Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms: National Standard provides the foundation for achieving consistent industry-wide biosecurity by dairy producers across the country. It identifies and builds upon the current state of biosecurity practices in Canada, presents an approach for the preparation of farm-based biosecurity plans, and provides rationale and strategies to carry them out.
    The dairy industry in Canada realizes the importance of biosecurity in reducing disease risk, and thereby its positive impact on animal health and welfare, in improving farm productivity, in reducing zoonotic disease risk, and in maintaining and growing markets for its products, both domestically and internationally.
    The National Standard is a set of risk management practices that are intended to address infectious diseases on all types and sizes of dairy production operations in Canada. It lists a set of principles and strategies that should be considered whenever possible by owners, managers, and farm workers when developing a farm-specific biosecurity plan.
    The National Standard also serves as a guide for continuous improvement and encourages a higher level of care. Recommendations in the National Standard should be followed to protect dairy farming operations and their animal industry neighbours against the likelihood of both foreign animal diseases and production-limiting diseases entering into and spreading through the dairy cattle population.

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    Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms National Standard.pdf.png
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