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Thread: Textbook of Anatomy (3 Volumes), 5th Edition

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    Post Textbook of Anatomy (3 Volumes), 5th Edition

    Textbook of Anatomy (3 Volumes), 5th Edition

    by Inderbir Singh

    Edition: 5th Edition, 2011
    ISBN: ISBN 978-93-5025-381-6
    Language: English

    In the present fifth edition, all chapters have been thoroughly updated and revised. The general format of the book has been changed and now it holds a completely fresh and new look with the addition of clinical correlations on most of the anatomical structures at the end of each topic. Clinical matter has been arranged in the form of separate light-green coloured boxes titled "Clinical Correlation". Almost every chapter is liberally illustrated with 4-coloured, easy-to-understand illustrations, which the students can easily draw during their examinations. Most of the text on important topics has been tabulated in an easy-to-grasp and readily comprehensible format, which would make it pretty interesting for the undergraduate students to understand the concepts of anatomy. This textbook is divided into well-elucidated three volumes, with volume one on upper and lower extremities, volume two on thorax, abdomen and pelvis, and volume three on head, neck and central nervous system. The book is mainly meant for undergraduate students and may also be of help to students at the postgraduate level. Through this book, take the young reader through a journey of discovering human anatomy that is as interesting as it is informative. It contains numerous high qualities, hand-drawn simple illustrations, which would be self-explanatory for undergraduates as well as postgraduates and can be easily drawn at the time of examination. The information given is graded into different levels for undergraduates and postgraduate level students with the information meant for students pursuing post-graduation and bright students being arranged in light-pink coloured boxes titled as "Want to Know More". This further helps simplify the text. Printing technology continues to make rapid advances and taking advantage of these, this edition has been made much more attractive and beautiful. A majority of illustrations have been improved and errors corrected. Overall, the book has been presented with its original virtues of accuracy and clarity along with the new style and comprehensiveness.

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