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Thread: Demon Fish Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks

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    Demon Fish
    Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks

    by Juliet Eilperin

    Pages: 320
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2012
    Language: English
    ISBN: 9780375425127

    Juliet Eilperin's book 'Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks,' steps far enough back from the subject to get to the heart of the real question. Why are humans are so fascinated with sharks that we're bringing them to the brink of extinction? Sharks play a central role in this book, but it is the humans who study them, eat them, even call them that are the subject of 'Demon Fish.' Eilperin finds a fresh take on sharks by addressing the human side of the equation. Her exploration of how humanity looks at, lives with and preys upon the world's most ancient predator gives readers a nuanced vision of our relationship with not just sharks, but own nature as well as nature itself.

    Eilperin's book is straightforward and unpretentious. Starting with her own experience at The Shark Lab, she then sets forth to explore the world via sharks and shark culture. We meet the Shark Callers of New Ireland, and journey back in time to explore the history of sharks and their interactions with humans. Worshipped as gods, feared as monsters, harvested as food, sometimes by the same people, a look at shark culture proves to be a pretty entertaining method of exploring the world.

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