Engineered Biomimicry
by Akhlesh Lakhtakia

Pages: 496
Publisher: --
Edition: 1st., 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0124159952


Engineered Biomimicry

Living organisms provide inspiration for innovations in many different arenas of science and engineering. Engineered Biomimicry provides exposure to a broad range of research topics within an evolving field comprising bioinspiration, biomimetics, and bioreplication. The reader will learn to grasp concepts from nature, implement them into his/her research, and gain the ability to understand and reproduce a diversity of natural outcomes, functionalities, and devices. Like any mimicked organism, the field of engineered biomimicry is highly cross-disciplinary and embraces physics, materials science, nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, computing and control, design integration, optimization, multifunctionality, and economics. Engineered Biomimicry will help the reader seek solutions in nature to address the most pressing technological problems of our times. Among the research topics covered are adhesion, superhydrophobicity and self-cleaning, structural color, biomaterials and composite materials, sensor systems, robotics and locomotion, and ultra-light-weight structures.
As the only technical reference that covers the broad scope of the field of engineered biomimicry through chapters authored by visionary and award-winning research leaders, this book is a major resource that presents physical and chemical mechanisms underlying biological activities and devices and introduces appropriate mathematical tools.


  • Explores a fast-growing, cross-disciplinary field in which researchers study biological activities and devices to develop critical advancements in science and engineering
  • Introduces bioinspiration, biomimetics, and bioreplication to reproduce natural outcomes, functionalities, and devices, respectively
  • Provides physical, chemical, and biological backgrounds for practical applications of engineered biomimicry

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