Microbiology of the Avian Egg

Edited by R. G. Board, R. Fuller

Pages: 181 pages
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st, 1994
Language: English
ISBN-10: ---
ISBN-13: 978-1461363354


Comparative studies are a very uncommon feature of studies concerned with bacterial infection of eggs. Moreover there is as yet little effort made to link studies of bacterial contamination of eggs with a fundamental aspect of eggs, the mechanisms allowing embryogenesis to occur without interference from saprophytic microorganisms that could colonize the yolk and deny the embryo its principal reserve of nutrients. Empirical observations together with laboratory studies in the period 1900-1960 provided an adequate basis for the mass production, distribution and marketing of eggs without fear of a high incidence of addling. The inadequacies of these data have been cruelly exposed by the current 'epidemic' of salmonellosis associated with egg products. Indeed this book was prepared with the objective of providing both an overview of current knowledge and a platform upon which to build future studies.
This book should be of interest to microbiologists, food microbiologists, animal scientists, Public Health Laboratory Service personnel, zoologists, Environmental Health Officers, personnel in industry.

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