Biology and Comparative Physiology of Birds (2 Volume Set)
Edited by A. J. Marshall

Pages: 986 pages
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st, 1960 and 1961
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1125968672
ISBN-13: 978-1125968673


The Contents are: Volume One: Preface by A. J. Marshall; The Origin of Birds by W. E. Swinton; Adaptive Radiation in Birds by Robert W. Storer; The Classification of Birds by Robert W. Storer; Geographical Distribution of Living Birds by D. L. Serventy; Development of Birds by Ruth Bellairs; The Integumentary System by Mary E. Rawles; The Skeleton of Birds by A. D'A. Bellairs and C. R. Jenkin; The Musculature by Andrew J. Berger; The Blood Vascular System by J. R. Simons; The Respiratory System by G. W. Salt and Erki Zeuthen; Digestion and the Digestive System by Donald S. Farner; and Excretion by Ivan Sperber;

Volume Two: The Central Nervous System by Adolf Portmann and Werner Stingelin; Sensory Organs: Skin Taste and Olfaction by A. Portmann; Sensory Organs: Equilibration by A. Portmann; Sensory Organs: Vision by R. J. Pumphrey; Sensory Organs: Hearing by R. J. Pumphrey; Endocrine Glands, Thymus and Pineal Body by E. Otto Hoen; Sex and Secondary Sexual Characteristics by Emil Witschi; Reproduction by A. J. Marshall; Energy Metabolism, Thermoregulation and Body Temperature by James R. King and Donald S. Farner; Flight by R. H. J. Brown; Breeding Season and Migration by A. J. Marshall; Long Distance Orientation by G. Kramaer; Behavior by R. A. Hinde; and Bird Populations by John A. Gibb.

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