Diseases of Poultry (Including Cage Birds)
by P.Seneviratna

Pages: 229 pages
Publisher: ---
Edition: 2nd ed., 1969
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0723602239
ISBN-13: 978-0723602231


The favourable response given to the first edition published in 1966 encouraged the author to prepare the second edition within two years of the first. In the second edition, the author has rectified errors, and included omissions to bring the book up to date, taking into consideration the criticism made of the first edition. A special effort was made to include data on published papers that reached the author's hands till the end of September, 1968.
The book has been revised to meet the requirements of the veterinary student and the field veterinarian and as such does not deal with the details of the laboratory procedures of diagnosis which are given in the standard reference work on the subject edited by H. E. Blester and L. H. Schwarte and also in the U.S. National Academy of Science Publication No. 1038.
The chapters on the avian leucosis complex and avian mycoplasmosis have been completely rewritten in view of the important developments made during the last two years, and Marek's disease has been treated as a separate entity. The avian sarcomas have been dealt with under the leucosis complex to indicate the close aetiological relationship of the former to the latter. Several other chapters especially those on coccidiosis, avian encephalomyelitis, and fowl cholera have been revised extensively. Since the first edition was written, several diseases have been described. In the second edition, these diseases, e.g., virus conjunctivitis of chicks, turkey haemorrhagic enteritis, turkey syndrome 65 (TS 65), goose septicaemia, goose plague, and infections with C.E.L.O. virus, avian entero and reo viruses, and turkey respiratory virus have been included.
As in the first edition there are four separate sections in the book, dealing with the diseases of the domestic fowl, the turkey, the duck, goose, and some other birds, and cage birds. The section on diseases of the domestic fowl is more comprehensive than the others.
The chapter on the anatomy and physiology of the domestic fowl has been deleted and one on post-mortem examination added. It is hoped that the data given in the tables of this book will provide a good source of easily assimilable information required by the veterinary undergraduate and the field veterinarian.

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