by Jorgen Fredsse and Rolf Deigaard

Pages: 393
Publisher: World Scient. Publishing Company
Edition: 1st, January 1, 1992
Language: English


Flow and sediment transport in the coastal zone are important in relation to several engineering topics like sedimentation and erosion around structures, backfilling of dredged channels,
changes in near-shore morphology and long- and cross-shore sediment transport rates. During the last decade the development in coastal sediment transport re-
search has changed from simple phenomenological descriptions to sophisticated numerical models in which the flow as well as the resulting sediment transport are described in detail.
The purpose of the present book is to describe both the basic hydrodynamics and the basic sediment transport mechanisms which are of importance for the construction of a mathematical
model for sediment transport in coastal areas. The main effort has been to describe the hydrodynamics as is usual in sediment transport description.
The first six Chapters deal only with the hydrodynamics of waves and current in and outside the surf zone.
The readerís background should be a basic course both in wave hydrodynamics and in fluid mechanics (laminar and turbulent flow). It is not the intention
of the book to give a broad review of the literature on this very wide topic. The structure of the book is more like a monograph where the subjects have been treated
so much in detail that the book would be applicable as a student textbook. As a help for further reading on the subject, a section with additional references has been included at the end of the book.
The list is far from being complete but should provide students with a good basis for an in-depth study.


1. Basic concepts of potential wave theory
2. Wave boundary layers
3. Bed friction and turbulence in wave-current motion
4. Waves in the surf zone
5. Wave-driven currents
6. Current velocity distribution in the surf zone
7. Basic concepts of sediment transport
8.Vertical distribution of suspended sediment in waves and current over a plane bed
9. Current-generated bed waves
10. Wave-generated bed forms
11. Cross-shore sediment transport and coastal profile development
12. Longshore sediment transport and coastline development

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