Pages: 422
Publisher: Nova Science Pub. Inc.
Edition: 1st, October 2009
Language: English
10: 1604568321
ISBN 13: 978-1604568325


Groundwater (GW) is one of the most valuable natural resources and for that reason, the GW protection and management is vital for human evolution, socio-economic development and ecological diversity. During the last decades, the continuously increasing need of water has led to a rapidly growing awareness in the field of GW management. At the same time over exploitation and pollution of water resources are threatening the ecosystems. The combination of these two problems which have acquired world-wide dimensions has forced many scientists working in relative fields to search new, multidisciplinary approaches to address them. Effective management and protection of groundwater resources require detail knowledge and quantitative/qualitative characterisation of aquifers. Thus, modelling and planning of the GW through the use of modern technologies and approaches have become of high priority towards this direction. This book provides leading-edge research on this field.


Chapter 1
GIS-Based Aquifer Modeling and Planning Using Integrated
Geoenvironmental and Chemical Approaches
Maria Kouli, Nikos Lydakis-Simantiris and Pantelis Soupios

Chapter 2
A Modeling Approach Supporting Air Sparging System Design
Sabrina Saponaro, Sara Puricelli, Elena Sezenna
and Luca Bonomo

Chapter 3
Groundwater Interactions with Surface Waters: Consequences on
Diffuse Pollution Pathways
A. Azzellino, R. Salvetti and R. Vismara

Chapter 4
Modelling of Water-Solid Interactions:
A Discussion of Different Approaches
Marek Šváb and Lenka Wimmerová

Chapter 5
Fundamentals of Groundwater Modelling
Husam Baalousha

Chapter 6
Contaminants in Groundwater
and the Subsurface
Z. Yu, Y. Huang, A. Baron, X. Chen, C. Yang,
D. Kreamer and M. Johnson

Chapter 7
Preliminary Studies for Designing a Wetland for Arsenic
Raja Chowdhury, Defne Apul and Daryl Dwyer

Chapter 8
Groundwater Management in the Northern Adriatic Coast
(Ravenna, Italy): New Strategies to Protect the Coastal Aquifer
from Saltwater Intrusion
Beatrice M.S. Giambastiani, Pauline N. Mollema
and Marco Antonellini

Chapter 9
Hydrogeology and Geochemistry
of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Plain Alluvial Aquifers, NortheasteItaly
Franco Cucchi, Giuliana Franceschini and Luca Zini

Chapter 10
Analytical and Numerical Solutions for Convection-DiffusionDispersion-Reaction
Equations with General
Initial-Conditions:Theory and Applications
Jürgen Geiser

Chapter 11
Flow Simulation and Optimal Management
of Groundwater Resources. The Balance
between Accuracy and Computational Efficiency
K.L. Katsifarakis

Chapter 12
Ground-Penetrating Radar in Ground
Water Studies
Nigel J. Cassidy

Chapter 13
A Note on the Propagation of Water Table Waves:
Dual Length Scale Considerations
Nick Cartwright, Peter Nielsen, David P. Callaghan
and Ling Li

Chapter 14
Distribution and Source of Nitrogen Compounds in the
Groundwater of Kuwait
A. Akber, A. Mukhopadhyay, E. Azrag, E. Al-Awadi,
A. Al-Haddad and H. Al-Qallaf


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