Groundwater flow understanding: From local to regional scale
by J. Joel Carrillo R., M. Adrian Ortega G.

Pages: 202
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Edition: 1st, April 18, 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0415436788
ISBN-13: 978-0415436786


Any sustainable groundwater development programme requires knowledge of the prevailing flow system, extending from local to regional scale. This book of selected papers discusses integral groundwater management with scale flow issues and presents methods of defining, preventing, controlling and mitigating negative environmental impacts related to groundwater. It highlights specific issues such as trans-boundary groundwater flow, groundwater recharge, groundwater mining, and groundwater flow in thick aquifers, and stresses the importance of the sustainable development of groundwater and its social and economic implications. The book will interest groundwater researchers and professionals, students, government administrators and educators, providing new insights into the procedures and processes that are influenced by the scale of the groundwater flow system.


Preface vii

About the editors xi

Keynote Lecture

Evolution of palaeowaters in sedimentary basins and coastal aquifers
valuable natural resources and archives of climatic and environmental change 1
Mike W. Edmunds

Groundwater flow system, subsidence and solute transport controls in the
lacustrine aquitard of Mexico City 9
M.A. Ortega-Guerrero

Groundwater flow system response in thick aquifer units: theory and practice in Mexico 25
J.J. Carrillo-Rivera and A. Cardona

Chapter 1
Integrative modelling of global change effects on the water cycle
in the upper Danube catchment (Germany) the groundwater
management perspective 47
Roland Barthel, Wolfram Mauser and Juergen Braun

Chapter 2

Water management in transboundary hard rock regions A case study
from the German-Czech border region 73
S. Bender, T. Mieseler, T. Rubbert and S. Wohnlich

Chapter 3

Combined use of indicators to evaluate waste-water contamination
to local flow systems in semi-arid regions: San Luis Potosi, Mexico 85
A. Cardona, J.J. Carrillo-Rivera, G.J. Castro-Larragoitia and
E.H. Graniel-Castro

Chapter 4

Integrating physical hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, and environmental
isotopes to constrain regional groundwater flow: southern
Riverine Province, Murray Basin, Australia 105
Ian Cartwright, Tamie R. Weaver and Sarah O. Tweed

Chapter 5

The South African groundwater decision tool 135
Ingrid Dennis and Sonia Veltman
VI Contents

Chapter 6
Causes and implications of the drying of Red Rock crater lakes, Australia 151
R. Adler and C.R. Lawrence

Chapter 7
The development of a methodology for groundwater management
in dolomitic terrains of South Africa 165
S. Veltman and B.H. Usher

Author index 183

Subject index 185

SERIES IAH-Selected Papers 187

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