Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants(3 voloume set)

by Water Environment Federation

Pages: 1980
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Edition: 1st October 5 2008
Language: English
ISBN 10: 0071543678
ISBN 13: 978-0071543675


The “bible” of the water quality industry – updated to reflect the latest trends, technologies, and regulations
Operations of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants— MOP 11 is the industry flagship book, focusing on the operation and maintenance of municipal wastewater treatment plants. Presented in three shrinkwrapped, hardcover volumes, this classic resource incorporates the experiences, best practices, and innovations from thousands of wastewater plants. Taken as a whole, these three volumes represent the most complete package of information available to the wastewater treatment industry.


Volume I: Management and Support Systems

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Permit Compliance and Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Management
Chapter 4 Industrial Wastes and Pretreatment
Chapter 5 Safety
Chapter 6 Management Information Systems—Reports and Records
Chapter 7 Process Instrumentation
Chapter 8 Pumping of Wastewater and Sludge
Chapter 9 Chemical Storage, Handling, and Feeding
Chapter 10 Electrical Distribution Systems
Chapter 11 Utilities
Chapter 12 Maintenance
Chapter 13 Odor Control
Chapter 14 Integrated Process Management
Chapter 15 Outsourced Operations Services and Public/Private Partnerships
Chapter 16 Training

Volume II: Liquid Processes

Chapter 17 Characterization and Sampling of Wastewater
Chapter 18 Preliminary Treatment
Chapter 19 Primary Treatment
Chapter 20 Activated Sludge
Chapter 21 Trickling Filters, Rotating Biological Contactors, and Combined Processes
Chapter 22 Biological Nutrient Removal Processes
Chapter 23 Natural Biological Processes
Chapter 24 Physical–Chemical Treatment
Chapter 25 Process Performance Improvements
Chapter 26 Effluent Disinfection

Volume III: Solids Processes

Chapter 27 Management of Solids
Chapter 28 Characterization and Sampling of Sludges and Residuals
Chapter 29 Thickening
Chapter 30 Anaerobic Digestion
Chapter 31 Aerobic Digestion
Chapter 32 Additional Stabilization Methods
Chapter 33 Dewatering

Symbols and Acronyms


Conversion Factors


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