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Thread: Text-Books of Animal Biology Comparative Physiology

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    Comparative Physiology Text-Books of Animal Biology
    by Lancelot Thomas Hogben

    Pages: 219
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 1926. Reprint 2013
    Serie: Text-books of Animal Biology
    Language: English


    There is, so far as I know, no work in English which aims at giving an account of the physiology of the lower organisms.
    Few of those who are aware of the existence of Winterstein's monumental work are likely to find the time to obtain from its encyclopaedic pages a bird's-eye view of the ground already traversed and the fields that lie ripe for the research worker armed with sufficient familiarity with animal life and understanding of physiological methods of inquiry. Winterstein's Vergleichende Physiologic meets the needs of the research worker who is in search not of problems to tackle so much as detailed information of previous inquiries on similar lines to those with which he is concerned. There seems nothing to supply any encouragement to those who are not sufficiently advanced in their studies to distinguish between lines of inquiry that are practicable as well as profitable, to realize as yet what materials are available for the solution of the problem in which interest has already been quickened, or to have gained much insight into the methods at our disposal for extending our knowledge of the physiology of the lower organisms.

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